Why VBX?

"We had a great time with VBX! The kids learned to balance love, grace, and obedience."

Vida Louise Mills McLeary, Whiteville, NC


My favorite part of Sea of Miracles is the prayer station where kids see that God can put us back together, no matter how many times we have felt broken or hurt.

Abby Pozo, Washington Conference


Sea of Miracles is an awesome VBX and I can’t wait lead this program for the children at my church. Thank you!

Betty Edmeade, Hempstead, NY


Sea of Miracles surpassed my expectations. It was awesome from the games and hands-on activities and crafts to bringing the Bible to life in ways the kids will love. It definitely touches on all the senses. I had fun getting my hands dirty and making new crafts. The kids will love this program so much!

Michelle Broomfield, Greater New York Conference


What I really liked about Sea of Miracles was the music. It was simple but upbeat and I think it will appeal to everyone.

Pamela Daley, Lake Region Conference


What I liked the most about Sea of Miracles is the theme. It’s about Jesus and it has a lot of clear, practical messages that highlight Jesus and His ministry.

Nelson Silva, Kentucky-Tennessee Conference


The decorations, stories, and Bible costumes at Sea of Miracles will take the children back to Jerusalem and help them learn more about Jesus’ life and ministry.

Trena Ware, South Central Conference


I love all the great hands-on activities. The kids will love it and VBX leaders will too.

Kathy Russell, Carolina Conference


This is an incredible and energetic VBX program. I especially like that the preschoolers have their own self-contained activities.

Ann Reynolds, Chesapeake Conference


This program is a fantastic blessing. I especially enjoyed Beit Saida Village where everyone was busy doing a different hands-on activity such as crushing grapes with their feet or learning how to make bread.

Ventrice Dahmers, Hempstead, NY

VBX is…

  • Written by a team of Seventh-day Adventist children’s ministries leaders and pastors. Lessons feature a Seventh-day Adventist point of view that will connect with kids from your church and community.
  • Based on the Bible and focused on the life of Jesus. Kids will meet Jesus and learn about His many miracles and the plan of salvation.
  • Unique! Offer your community a Vacation Bible School experience that’s different from the other churches in town.